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Beard Hair Transplant

In the case of beard hair loss and beard transplants in the UK, one of the most popular forms of treatment is the FUE hair beard transplant.

Facial hair is, for many men, a defining feature and a core part of their overall look. While beard hair growth varies from male to male, there are situations and conditions which can cause beard hair to look patchy, grow inconsistently, or cease growth altogether.

Facial hair can be anything, from a personality train to a sign of power, prestige, and social status. However, beard loss is more common than many people think, with around 45% of men stating that they are or have been unhappy with the patchiness and growth of their beard in the past.

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What causes beard hair loss?

Beard hair loss can be caused by a number of different factors and conditions. While some beard hair shedding is normal and must be expected, when the loss of beard hair becomes visually obvious, men will often find themselves seeking an explanation. Some of the most common causes of beard hair loss include:

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How does Beard transplant treatment work?

The most popular beard transplant solution used by the Skinoza team and other hair transplant clinics is FUE.

The process involves the extraction of healthy follicles from what we call a donor site, to those areas where the hair is thinning or falling out in chunks. By using the clients own hair, the results are incredibly natural and, when completed with precision and care, can mimic the natural growth of hair seamlessly. Crucially, it is important to understand that in the cade of a beard transplant, the number of grafts taken will vary depending on the site of transplant.

FUE surgery starts with the identification of a donor site. This will typically be around the sides of the scalp or down the back of the neck, as these are areas where hair follicles are considered to be at their healthiest and where DHT has no impact on the hair growth. We then progress to the extraction.

Beard grafts for hair transplant via FUE requires the extraction of individual hair follicles from the donor site. Each extraction uses a micro surgical extraction instrument which helps us to achieve the ultimate precision while leaving almost no trace of the procedure on or around the donor site.

Your surgeon or practitioner will then use a micro surgical needle to puncture the area which is receiving the donated follicle; again, using high level precision and care to ensure that the punctures will accept and allow the new hair follicles to grow at a natural angle. This involves considering the density and angle of each hair follicle as it is inserted – something which is even more crucial in the art of beard hair transplant.

Hair follicles are inserted one at a time for a beard transplant, to ensure optimum precision and the most natural end result for the client. This allows the clinician to fully control the density and final presentation of the beard in terms of its overall shape and the rate of growth in future.

The beard transplant process is time consuming given the need to remove and implant each hair follicle individually. The total time for your treatment will depend on the density and size of the site which is being treated.

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Beard hair transplant

There are plenty of benefits that come with a beard transplant at the Skinoza Hair Loss and Hair Transplant clinic, starting with the renewed confidence and the extremely high success rate across men who engage in this treatment. Not only does a beard transplant give our clients the aesthetic finish they want, but it uses the client’s own hair follicles as part of the treatment to ensure successful and natural future growth over the transplant site.

The treatment is non-invasive and boasts natural results.

Growth of the hair is consistent following FUE hair transplant surgery.

A beard transplant cost at the Skinoza clinic is affordable and high value.

The treatment is a permanent solution which supports natural growth of hair.

Client should be aware that a beard transplant does not work in quite the same way as a hair transplant.

The hairs needs to be trained to grow like beard hairs. As the donor site is around the back of the head, hairs will need trimming regularly before they gain memory and stop growing like normal hairs. The growth angle of your beard hair transplant will depend on the skill of the clinician, with the Skinoza clinic guaranteeing the highest grade results every time.

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How much is a beard transplant?

The cost of a beard transplant in the UK depends on the scale of the transplant, the amount of graft follicles required, and the amount of time it takes. A small goatee or patch of beard will likely require around 1500 follicles while a full beard transplant can take up to 4,000 follicles and hours of treatment time.

We will discuss costs and timelines with you as part of your initial consultation, as well as aftercare.

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