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FUT Strip Hair Transplant

FUE hair transplant surgery, also known as Strip FUT, is a form of hair loss treatment which uses the client’s own hair to combat areas of hair loss as well as thinning.

FUT stands for Follicular Unit Transplant. It is also known in some places as FUSS, which stands for Follicular Unit Strip Surgery.

As a popular and natural form of hair loss treatment, FUT transplant is considered a modern and efficient way of dealing with hair loss. Its innovative techniques are ideal for those who are suffering high volume hair loss and who have large patches where a hair transplant is required – often matched with clients who are suffering from male or female pattern baldness, or a form of alopecia.

To help you understand how FUT works and whether it might be you, keep reading to find out what the procedure involves and what the benefits are to clients.

what’s the difference?

FUE vs. FUT hair transplant

The FUT hair transplant procedure removes a strip of the scalp and its hairs, before separating the follicles and then transplanting them to the receiver area. FUE hair transplant surgery works on individual extraction, removing hair follicles in units of between 1 and 4 hairs and then transplanting them to the affected area of hair loss or thinning.

treatment explained

How does FUT Strip Hair Transplant work?

FUT hair transplant works on a larger scale when compared with FUE hair transplant, taking a strip of hair and surface skin from the donor area, processing it into small pieces by separating the hair follicles, and then transplanting those hair follicles to the areas where your hair is thinning or where hair loss has already set in.

The donor strip is identified and removed from a site where the hair follicles are dense and healthy in terms of their condition.

The tissue left at the donor site is sutured together using a trichophytic closure, which ensures that only a very small and subtle scar is left behind post-surgery. This type of closure is not only subtle in itself but also allows hair to grow through the surgical tissue, further minimising the visibility of any scarring.

The donor tissue is dissected into individual grafts under a microscope, turning the strip into neat grafts which fall into their natural grouping of 1-3 hairs. We do this because it allows for a higher rate of hair follicle survival and makes it easier for your clinician to transplant the hair follicles into your scalp naturally.

The transplant site must be prepped. This means making tiny incisions into the scalp, which are primed ready to receive the hair follicle grafts. The grafts are then implanted individually to give your hair the most natural coverage, combatting the effects and signs of hair loss.

Our team are trained in undertaking and performing FUT hair transplant surgery across both small transplant sites and larger sites. Able to create and implant grafts from 500 to 4,500 hair follicles in a single day, we will work with you to determine the best coverage and to ensure that we can extract the hair follicles required for the graft without impacting the aesthetic of your donor area.

The cost of your procedure will be confirmed following a consultation and full examination.

Prior to commencement of your treatment package, your clinician will discuss your ideal hairline with you, and will make you aware of what the procedure involves from start to finish.

treatment benefits

FUT Strip Hair treatment

The main benefit that clients herald is the natural growth of hair following FUT treatment. The idea behind FUT is to use the clients own hair in the transplant, which means that everything from condition to colour is completely consistent and will, over time, blend seamlessly into the existing and natural hair growth across the scalp.

Other benefits include:

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FUT hair transplant involves the extraction of a strip of hair and surface level skin, which is then processed and prepped ready to be implanted to the receiver site.

FUT hair transplant is a permanent solution.

Our FUT hair transplant service can be used for hair loss and thinning across the scalp, beard, eyebrows, and body.

There are reasons why FUT may not be the best treatment option for you, with the most common including age, future hair loss considerations, and conditions which can affect the donor area and your body’s response to the treatment. However, FUT is largely a solution which can be used to combat both women and men’s hair loss, making it one of our most accessible and popular hair transplant solutions.

Our team at the Skinoza Hair Loss and Hair Transplant clinic are dedicated to matching clients with the right treatment for them. To be eligible for FUT and to achieve the best results, you will need to have healthy hair growth around the back and sides of the scalp. The condition of your hair can also be a factor in ascertaining how successful the surgery will be. These are all things that your clinician or surgeon will discuss with you prior to treatment.

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