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“I can confirm to anyone considering FUT hair transplant treatment that the results are 100% permanent and long term.”


Treatment Type

Mesotherapy treatment

Treatment Date

March 13, 2019


Aging and hormone imbalance

Female, 60’s, hair loss caused by aging and hormone imbalance. Mesotherapy treatment.

When I first learnt about my hair loss, I had no idea that it could have been caused by or linked to my lifestyle and my age.
 I always believed that hair loss was linked to stress and to genetics – which is why the support from Skinoza Clinic was so transformational for me, as early as day one. 

I contacted the clinic because I had heard about a relatively new treatment, which promised thicker hair through a natural stimulant. 

I was noticing that my hair was thinning in some places, and that it was becoming more and more difficult to hide. At first, I thought I was stressed, but when I went to visit the clinic, they started talking to me about hormone imbalance and an increase in DHT which might be affecting my scalp’s ability to grow naturally healthy hair follicles.

hair loss causes

Skinoza hair loss clinic explains

Hair loss in women can be more difficult to pinpoint and treat. Female pattern baldness is triggered by male hormones (known as androgens) which spike during puberty and after menopause, when levels of the female hormones are weakened.

Once I knew that what I was experiencing was female pattern baldness, and that it was largely caused by a hormone imbalance and a lack of the correct nutrients and vitamins needed to correct the problem, it became clear that the best treatment option for me was indeed the new treatment I had heard about. 

The clinician explained to me that mesotherapy was a non-invasive and non-surgical solution, which involved small injections into my scalp to stimulate natural hair regrowth. As I was looking for a solution which would enable me to continue living my daily life and going to work every day, with the most natural results possible, I decided to proceed with the proposed treatment plan.

hair loss

Skinoza Clinic explains

Mesotherapy, more widely known as an aesthetic treatment, tackles one of the root causes of hair loss seen in many clients – the lack of proper nutrients, reduced blood circulation, and an imbalance of hormones – in particular DHT. It involves injecting a solution into the scalp which contains all of the enzymes, chemicals, minerals and vitamins that the individual client needs to stimulate natural hair regrowth. One of the most personalised treatment available in the hair transplant sector, this injection is specifically tailored to each of our clients and is designed to rebalance the hormones and undo the damage which has led to hair loss. 

When the mesotherapy injection is administered, two things happen which help and support the growth of naturally voluminous hair. 
• The chemicals stimulate hair growth
• The mechanical action stimulates the area of hair loss

On the day of the treatment, the clinician sat down to talk me through everything – from the procedure to the benefits I would see and what I would need to do to ensure that the results were as effective as possible.
She also checked whether I was on any medication and advised me that after the treatment I should maintain an active lifestyle with plenty of hydration and good nutrition to really support the movement of the vitamins and minerals under my skin. 

I was scheduled in for a series of follow up treatments and told that the therapy was most effective when carried out in small doses over a series of sessions. The first session lasted for around 35 minutes and involved small injections being made into the worst affected sites across my scalp – re-energising the layer beneath the skin and injecting a solution which had been tailormade for me to combat the hormonal issues causing my hair loss. 

I left the session aware that I had undergone a treatment, but not in pain. It was mildly uncomfortable for a few hours, but the symptoms soon eased once I was at home and resting.

mesotherapy for hair loss

Skinoza Clinic explains

As one of the more popular treatment options for those who are concerned about hair thinning and would like to stimulate the growth of thicker and more voluminous hair, mesotherapy is a quick, painless, and non-invasive option. 

It is typically compared with oral treatments for hair loss as it targets the same natural stimulation of growth – however, mesotherapy is often concluded to be the more effective of the two. This is largely due to the targeted nature of mesotherapy injections as opposed to oral treatments, with mesotherapy substances delivered directly to the affected area of hair loss while oral treatments are more rounded in terms of their substance delivery. 

Mesotherapy has also been effectively used as a treatment to compliment a more traditional hair transplant. For those clients who ask us how long does it take for hair transplant to grow, mesotherapy can often help to strengthen grafted hair and give it the best possible chance of thriving in the receiving site. This makes it a great treatment option in partnership with a full hair transplant, with some of the best results coming from those who combine their mesotherapy with other more efficient treatments.

I would recommend this treatment to anyone who is struggling with hair loss as a result of aging and hormonal imbalance. While I knew that hormone imbalances could cause problems with the skin, I didn’t know it would affect my hair – and I am very grateful to the team at Skinoza for making me feel comfortable both in diagnosing the cause of my hair loss and in identifying the best solution for me. 

As a result of my treatment, my hair all over my scalp is now growing thicker and more healthy – with hairs growing from the sites which were previously looking to be almost bald. Thanks to the targeting that is achieved through mesotherapy injections as opposed to oral tablets or solutions, I found that the results were much faster than those reported by my friends, who have experienced similar symptoms but have turned to vitamins as a treatment rather than mesotherapy.

As a treatment centre and clinic, I found the team at Skinoza to be as kind and thoughtful as they were professional and efficient.
They understand how damaging hair loss can be to a person’s confidence and were quick to reassure me without overpromising – something which was very important to me as I wanted to know exactly what I was facing and how effective each treatment could be.

I would like to say a massive thank to you to the team at Skinoza, not just for giving me my favourite hairstyles back, but for multiplying my confidence in my appearance, and giving me the ability to support my friends who are going through the same challenges.


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