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PRP for hair loss

One of the top treatments linked with hair loss, PRP is considered a leading and innovative non-surgical approach which delivers high quality and long lasting results for eligible candidates suffering from hair loss or thinning hair.

PRP stands for Platelet-Rich Plasma and refers to a substance which can be extracted from a blood sample, taken as part of our PRP treatment.

On its own, PRP has been linked to several health and wellbeing benefits, not least promoting hair growth, to include the promotion of healing and other cell growth thanks to the protein content of the substance. Crucially, PRP is extracted because it is this platelet-rich plasma which contains the highest percentage of growth stimulants.

Any treatment which includes PRP refers to the use of the client or patient’s own blood for healing purposes. In the realm of hair loss, injecting PRP into the scalp has been linked with the stimulation of natural hair growth, helping hair to grow at a more consistent and rapid rate, and increasing the thickness of the hair shaft so that it is strong enough to resist hair loss. The end result is hair which is thick, luscious, and completely natural.

Process explained

PRP Treatment

The first step of PRP for hair loss involves taking a small blood sample – smaller than that required for a standard blood donation. This is usually extracted from a vein in the arm.

This blood is then processed within an innovative centrifuge system, which allows the platelet-rich plasma to be separated from the blood. This occurs through a very fast spinning system, which separates the different layers in the blood out into three categories: platelet-rich plasma, platelet-poor plasma, and red blood cells.

The platelet-rich plasma is separated and then injected into the scalp where hair is thinning or falling out, with the aim of the plasma stimulating growth, boosting collagen, and restoring a healthy amount of growth in the hair. Most clients will require a few short treatment sessions as part of the PRP program of treatment, however each session is non-invasive, and clients will be able to return to normal activity immediately following each session.

Depending on the severity of your hair loss, you might find that you require maintenance and top-up treatment injections every few weeks for a set period of time following the initial three stages. This will be discussed with you directly, based on your ideal end result and your budget. For some clients, maintenance injections and treatments will be required indefinitely.

The platelets that naturally occur within blood plasma are packed full of growth factors which stimulate any dormant hair follicles and produce an increased amount of collagen where they are injected. When injected to a site of balding or thinning hair, these factors allow the hair to grow strong and healthy and overcome hair loss linked to alopecia and dermatological conditions. This is because the platelets, which are commonly linked to healing, help to repair the tissues which allow more hair follicles to become established and support healthy growth.

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FAQs about PRP

While there is still research being conducted around the long term effectiveness of PRP as a hair loss remedy, for those clients who have undergone PRP for hair loss the results have been positive.
One of the prime benefits of PRP for clients is the ease with which it can be carried out, without impacting their day to day lifestyle during treatment. As a non-surgical treatment option there is no specific recovery time required and so clients can go through the full treatment plan without any problems.

Another benefit of PRP is the fact that the treatment not only leaves you with the hair you’ve always wanted, but it stimulates natural growth rather than transplanting foreign hair. What this means is that PRP is ideal as a long term investment treatment, supporting the natural maintenance of your newfound confidence by boosting the growth factors involved in leaving your hair long, soft, and luscious.

Best of all, PRP results in natural hair growth and stimulation – helping you look and feel your best.

Now that you understand what PRP treatment for hair loss involves, is it the right solution for you?
PRP treatment can help to combat hair loss in both men and women, providing a significant reduction in hair loss by combatting the obstacles which stop natural growth. In terms of understanding the benefit of PRP in the face of different types of hair loss, PRP is most effective as a response to thinning hair and bald patches, though in some cases the treatment has been successfully used in cases of genetic causes of hair loss.

Each case is different, and here at the Skinoza Hair Loss and Hair Transplant clinic we are committed to providing you with the solution which best supports your situation and end goal. We recommend always discussing the available treatments with us before deciding on which option is right for you.

Though PRP has received primarily positive results across all clients, there are some side effects that clients should be aware of before progressing with PRP. These are mostly to do with the way the treatment is accessed – with risk factors including infection of the injection side, injury to blood vessels as a result of the injection, and potential scar tissue that can be left behind on the scalp. These side effects can be linked to any injectable treatment and need to be considered before committing to the treatment.
There are a few reasons why PRP may not be suitable for you, and these will also be discussed as part of your consultation. Some of these reasons include:

• Platelet dysfunction
• Low platelet count
• Acute or chronic infection
• Cancer
• Chronic liver disease
• Chronic skin disease

Our PRP treatment starts with a consultation, during which we will discuss the issues and symptoms that are causing your hair loss.

From there, we will attempt to diagnose the root causes of your issues and will discuss with you the intended outcome of your chosen treatment. If PRP is the right solution for you then you will be booked in for the three-step initial treatment, after which we will assess the outcome and determine future appointments and how many maintenance top-ups you might need to reach your ideal coverage.

Clients should be aware that every individual case is different and that we all react to different treatments in different ways. Our goal is to help you embrace the ideal end result, whether that’s through PRP as a standalone treatment or by combining PRP with other treatments to supplement and support your hair growth.

PRP at Skinoza hair Loss Clinic

PRP-therapy is one of our most popular and effective solutions for both men and women suffering from hair loss. Our team is specially trained in conducting PRP therapy as well as other hair loss treatments and have the knowledge to recommend the right treatment based on each client’s lifestyle and situation.