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Long Hair Transplant

One of the most common questions we get from clients at the Skinoza Hair Loss and Hair Transplant clinic deals with hair transplant without shaving treatments.

Are you looking for an innovative and quick-recovery treatment for hair loss?

While the traditional FUE is one of the top treatment options in terms of longevity, effectiveness, and a high success rate, for those seeking a hair transplant without shaving their head, innovation brings U-FUE to the forefront of the market.

U-FUE is arguably the go-to hair transplant treatment for celebrities and those in the spotlight, as well as those who want to conceal their hair loss or continue to live as normal life as possible. This is because when they hair is left unshaven for treatment, the treatment process and results are nearly untraceable – and the end result is very natural.

Could U-FUE be the natural, fast-growing treatment you’ve been looking for?

treatment explained

How does U-FUE work?

If you’re looking for a solution that will leave you with long hair after your hair transplant, rather than a shaved area which will need to grow out, U-FUE may well be the perfect option for you.

Designed for those who don’t want to wait for new growth before they feel confident again, U-FUE works in much the same way as the standard FUE treatment. The only difference is that the skin is unshaved when the graft is taken – adding the ‘U’ for ‘unshaved’ at the start of the acronym.

There are three different methods which are often employed by clinics and clinicians who embrace and undergo this style of hair transplant:

• Shaven donor site and unshaven recipient site.
• Limited shaven donor site, allowing the site to be concealed with natural hair following the procedure.
• Fully unshaven. While this is the fastest treatment in terms of regrowth and the rebuilding of confidence for those who are suffering from hair loss, clients should note that this style of hair transplant allows for only a limited number of grafts to be taken.

The U-FUE Treatment Process

Before your treatment starts, the clinician will work with you to establish the best donor site in terms of hair strength, finding areas where grafts can be taken without impacting the existing spread and density of hair too much. In almost all cases, this site will be somewhere towards the back of the head, usually down towards the top of the neck.

Compared to other hair transplant treatments, U-FUE or long hair transplant is one of the most delicate because not only is your clinician dealing with skin grafts, but they must be able to remove, process, and implant those grafts without damaging either the donor hair or the hair in the surrounding recipient site.

The clinician or surgeon must work to identify and isolate the healthiest areas of hair from the donor site, to give the graft the best possible chance of survival. This is where your clinician will discuss the three treatment methods with you in an effort to work out which is best for your particular condition and end goal.

The graft is processed. and the strands of hair are likely cut before the graft is implanted into the recipient site. These grafts are tiny, often holding no more than three hairs per graft, and so the cut hairs will be working into the receiver site in a way that they blend into your existing hair growth.

U-FUE or the hair transplant for long hair technique is often best suited to those suffering from a receding hair hairline or from a thinning temple, as the tiny grafts can be blended into any existing hair and continue to grow naturally without that same in-between time associated with a standard FUE.

U-FUE is far more labour intensive; however, the results leave clients with the same hair that they entered the clinic with – and for many, this is an invaluable part of a long hair transplant which cannot be matched.

treatment benefits

U-FUE hair loss treatment

Hair loss can be a worrying symptom of various conditions & diseases. With so many causes leading to hair loss, knowing how best to treat it can be difficult – leaving many clients dealing with potential health challenges as well as a lack of confidence that comes with hair loss.

long-term & instant results

U-FUE is one of the only treatments which offers results which count as both long-term and instant. When the FUE treatment is completed without the need to shave the donor and recipient site, the hair transplant is undetectable and discreet, and gives clients the freedom to seek the treatment they need without everyone knowing about it.

scars can be hidden behind the hair

By retaining the long hair, any FUE hair transplant scars can be concealed and hidden behind the natural hair growth. While FUE is a notoriously low-invasive treatment option with minimal hair transplant complications, the potential for small scars exists, so selecting an unshaven treatment will help ensure those scars remain hidden and out of sight.

easier to match the graft

It is easier to match the graft with the receiver site in terms of the direction of hair growth and how those transplanted hairs will grow naturally alongside existing hair. While a long hair transplant is a more delicate process, the results can be even more natural by ensuring that the direction and type of hair growth are equal to the hair surrounding it.

consider before committing

Is U-FUE treatment right for me?

While U-FUE is undoubtably an effective treatment option for some clients, there are instances where this may not be the best or the ideal solution for you.

With a long hair transplant such a delicate and labour intensive process, for those suffering from severe or large areas of hair loss, the lack of enough donor site hair can prove challenging. This is because without enough grafts, the treatment will not be effective or long lasting.

The length of time the treatment takes will often mean that a non-shaven FUE hair transplant is more expensive – primarily due to labour time for the clinician. We will make sure to discuss all of these factors with you prior to any treatment.

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