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“As a result of my treatment, I am now able to go out and spend time with my peers without a hat on”


Treatment Type

Scalp micropigmentation

Treatment Date

July 1, 2021


Male pattern baldness

When it comes to hair loss, we often find an overriding public belief that it is okay for men to be bald.

That is, if baldness happens to occur to an individual, most people believe that if that person is male then they should be able to deal with the baldness just fine – after all, baldness is a style of choice for many men.

But what happens when a male identifying individual discovers that they are suffering from widespread hair loss and do not want to embrace a fully bald head? That’s exactly what happened in this customer story, when we met a young man, 29 years old, who was losing his hair at a fast rate due to male pattern baldness.

As soon as my hair started falling out, I knew that baldness wasn’t something that I could or wanted to live with.
A lot of young men around me had embraced buzzcuts and shaved heads, but contrary to what many people think, complete hair loss and baldness is not the same as a shaved head. The difference between a visible shave and complete baldness is huge, and I knew I needed a solution which would allow me to feel more confident around my peers. 

The Skinoza Clinic first came to my attention when I was researching the causes of hair loss online. Their website was informative and let me know, in real terms and everyday language, exactly what could be causing my hair loss and what the different degrees of hair loss meant for different people – men and women. 

I discovered, from reading other case studies from people like me, that I was probably going through the early stages of male pattern baldness, and that mine was an extensive case where the hair loss was occurring all over my head rather than just in patches. I believed that I would end up wearing a wig or something if I wanted to feel and look like myself again, so I was relieved to read about the different treatment options available at the Skinoza clinic.

So, I called up and booked an appointment with the clinician – who soon confirmed that I was indeed living with male pattern baldness. But rather than letting me wallow, she was quick to start exploring and explaining the different treatment options for me and was very understanding of my limited budget (as a new homeowner, I was in no position to pay thousands for hair transplant treatment).

hair loss

Skinoza Clinic explains

Male pattern baldness is caused by the presence of hormone receptions which exist in the hair roots across the non-permanent area.

These receptors become triggered by the presence of the male hormone Dihydrotestosterone (DHT – a stronger form of testosterone, which is responsible for the development of male characteristics in men) which in turn reacts to the hair follicles. In its most normal state, the lifecycle moves between a growing phase of approximately seven years and a resting phase of between three and four months. Hair loss occurs when this lifecycle goes into reverse, with the growing phase becoming shorter than the resting phase. 

Gradually the hair starts to slow its growth until it stops growing completely.

The clinician explained, first and foremost, about the payment plan that could support my treatment.
At the Skinoza clinic, they offer an affordable multi-step payment plan for those who cannot afford their treatment upfront, and I knew that this was a good option for me. Despite that, I also knew I didn’t want to get into a habit of owing a lot and so I explained that I needed an affordable but long lasting treatment. 

The clinician then told me about scalp micropigmentation, which is essentially a tattoo which mimics the appearance of hair follicles and would give my scalp the appearance of a fresh shave rather than complete baldness. She showed me a series of pictures of those who have undergone the treatment in the past and I was unable to differentiate between those who had undergone the treatment, and those who genuinely just had a shaved head.

We decided that this was the best treatment option for me, and she then went on to talk me through the things I needed to consider in terms of the treatment itself and after care.

hair loss

Skinoza Clinic explains

Scalp micropigmentation, rather than acting as a form of hair transplant, is a means by which we conceal and disguise the effects of hair loss – and is particularly popular with both men and women whose hair loss is long term and irreversible. The whole point of scalp micropigmentation is not a form of hair transplant, but rather an innovative solution which replicates and mimics the appearance of hair follicles. Also referred to as a scalp tattoo, scalp micropigmentation involves the creation of a tattoo which can cover a bald scalp and create the illusion of a freshly shaved head or can be used within thinning hair to give the scalp and hair a look of textured and thick density.

The most important thing that the clinician communicated with me is that micropigmentation of the scalp has no impact on my hair’s natural regrowth – that is, the treatment would in no way trigger or support regrowth
Rather, this treatment disguises the appearance of a completely bald head.

The treatment was scheduled for a Saturday as I was informed that it would take a few hours to complete my full head and ensure the best and most natural looking results. As someone who was wearing a hat to cover their head whenever I was out in public, the treatment day couldn’t come soon enough!

On the day, the process was smooth, with the clinician running me through the things I needed to consider (such as top up treatment to keep the colour correct) before treatment commenced. A local anaesthetic was used to numb my scalp, and then the process started – injecting the ink at a depth just beneath the surface of the skin to ensure and dark look. In total, it took about 8 hours for the entire head to be covered, with the end result showing a dark cover that really did look like I had just shaved my head – with a little added redness while my skin reacted to the consistent and regular injections. I was assured that this would ease over the next 24 hours, and it did!

treatment benefits

scalp micropigmentation

Aside from being a much cheaper and easier alternative to a standard hair transplant, scalp micropigmentation is an ideal and long term solution which replicates the appearance of hair follicles across the scalp. With very little intervention and no maintenance, clients who choose the permanent scalp micropigmentation treatment benefit from the appearance of thicker hair or fresh growth – which in turn boosts confidence and gives clients the appearance that they are looking for.

I cannot recommend the Skinoza clinic enough, not just for the quality of treatment that they provided me with but for the friendly service and support I received from start to finish.
As a young male, approaching a hair loss and hair transplant clinic was tough, but they never made me feel out of place or like I was overreacting, and were quick to understand my budgetary limitations and change their approach to potential treatment – rather than trying to push me towards something I couldn’t afford.

As a result of my treatment, I am now able to go out and spend time with my peers without a hat on – most of them think I am just a big fan of the shaved head look, and the few who I have told the truth to are really impressed with the results (and open about their own experiences of hair loss!)


Say goodbye to hair loss,
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