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Eyebrow Hair Transplant

Eyebrow hair loss can fast become a knock to our confidence and can leave us searching for any and all transplant treatments and quick fixes.

Have you ever seen your face without eyebrows?

Not only do our eyebrows frame our eyes and separate our forehead from the rest of the face – they are also a unique identifying feature which helps to ensure our face is balanced and pleasing to eye.

Here at the Skinoza Hair Loss and Hair Transplant clinic, our eyebrow transplant and restoration treatment restores definition, gives the face a natural enhancement of its features, and gives both men and woman a boost of confidence.

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What causes eyebrow hair loss?

Eyebrow hair loss isn’t just about the causes of the hair loss but also the impact that it can have on the overall appearance and structure of your face. Eyebrows are often responsible for framing the face and can make both men and women look younger – with eyebrow loss playing a role in creating and enhancing the overall shape of the face.

The most common causes of eyebrow hair loss include alopecia areata, chemotherapy as a treatment for cancer, over-tweezing, or even an excessive use of permanent make-up. While some of these lead to temporary eyebrow hair loss, others are long term issues which require eyebrow transplant treatment as the most natural solution.

eyebrow hair transplant

What treatment do we recommend?

An eyebrow hair transplant for men and for women involves the extraction of individual hair follicles from a donor site, usually around the back of the head or behind the ears. The difficulty with an eyebrow hair transplant is the complexity and delicacy with which the procedure needs to be completed. Transplanting individual hair follicles required intricate precision and so it is important that you engage with the top transplant specialists – such as those at the Skinoza Hair Loss and Hair Transplant clinic.

The eyebrow transplant treatment is a form of FUE procedure. This means that hair is removed from a healthy donor site on the client’s own body to be moved and transplanted into the receiver site – presenting the most natural results possible.

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How does Eyebrow Hair Transplant work?

Eyebrow transplant treatment is performed under local anaesthetic, with very minimal pain and discomfort to the client. The treatment typically requires the extraction of between 250 and 400 grafts for each eyebrow (based on a full eyebrow transplant) and can take a few hours to complete. An eyebrow transplant is an unshaven procedure.

Prior to your treatment, your clinician will discuss the ideal shape of your eyebrows with you. This is an opportunity for you to give your face the shape and framing you have always wanted, so spend time discussing the best course of procedure with your clinician.

It is important for clients to note that the hair follicles used for an eyebrow transplant do not come from the eyebrow area (or even from the face) and it will take time for those hairs to start acting like facial hairs. As a result, you will need to trim your transplanted hairs regularly to keep them at the desired length, as standard scalp hairs grow much faster than eyebrow hairs.

Once a donor site has been identified around the back of the ears, grafts will be harvested using the unshaven hair transplant technique. Your clinician will typically choose a donor site which is easily covered with existing hair, to help conceal with the treatment and minimise any long term visible scarring. FUE requires the extraction of individual hair follicles, or units, via local anaesthesia. Each extraction uses a micro surgical extraction instrument which helps us to achieve the ultimate precision while leaving almost no trace of the procedure on or around the donor site. This especially important for an eyebrow transplant as the grafts need to be smaller than with a scalp hair transplant.

Your surgeon or practitioner will then use a micro surgical needle to puncture the area which is receiving the donated follicle; again, using high level precision and care to ensure that the punctures will accept and allow the new hair follicles to grow at a natural angle. This involves considering the density and angle of each hair follicle as it is inserted into the receiver area.

The aim is to restore a natural finish to the eyebrow which is presented in a unified way – with the hairs all growing in the right direction.

Following your treatment, our team will talk you through all the aftercare details you need to ensure that your eyebrows are long lasting and give you that confidence you deserve.

treatment benefits

eyebrow transplant

The main benefit of an eyebrow transplant is of course the restoration of the facial features which frame the face and give your face a look of youth. Many of our clients herald the transplant treatment as life changing and transformational with regards to their confidence and happiness in their looks.

The treatment is non-invasive and can be conducted under local anaesthetic only.

Recovery time is minimal, with most clients finding that their features appear normal within two weeks.

An eyebrow transplant is an effortless and natural enhancement of beauty, with clients able to work with the clinician to create the ideal eyebrow shape to frame their face.

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Eyebrow transplant before/ after

Eyebrow transplant is a popular treatment which restores confidence and often leaves clients looking and feeling much younger than when they walked in. Provided you pay attention to any aftercare advice given to you by your clinician, there is no reason why your eyebrow transplant cannot be 100% effective.

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How much is an eyebrow transplant?

The eyebrow transplant cost depends on the scale of the treatment, and whether you are looking to transplant and restore thinning eyebrows or complete eyebrow hair loss. This not only determines the number of grafts required but also the time of treatment – both of which play a part in assessing the final cost of treatment.

Your clinician will discuss all costs with you prior to any treatment, with the Skinoza clinic committed to supporting clients with any financial difficulties where possible.

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