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IV Vitamins for Hair Loss

Many of us associate IV treatment with hospitals and physical illness – but an innovative new treatment is using IV as part of a hair loss treatment, by creating and infusing a cocktail of vitamins and minerals that the hair needs in order to grow efficiently and with optimal strength.

Our IV vitamin treatment works by targeting the deficiencies which contribute to or exacerbate hair loss, leaving clients with stronger hair follicles and a better balance of hormones to stimulate future growth. What this means is that not only are we giving you back the gift of hair, but we are giving your body a boost of the substances it needs to allow your hair to continue to grow strong and in the best condition possible.

To understand how IV treatment works, you first need to know a little about some of the most common causes of hair loss.

treatment explained

How does IV vitamin treatment work?

IV stands for Intravenous therapy, which is essentially a method of treatment by injection.

There are two infusions which make up our IV hair loss treatment, one of which contains all the vitamins and minerals your hair needs to stimulate the production of hair cell protein, while the other contains the substance required for the cell reproduction process which occurs during the hair production cycle.

The process begins with a consultation where we will discuss your ideal results following treatment. IV is not a quick fix solution and we will discuss this as part of your consultation, including whether IV can be used as a treatment to compliment another hair transplant option.

The IV vitamin therapy takes around 30-60 minutes for a session. During the session you will be injected with the vitamins and minerals which are best suited to your condition, and which can help to support and stimulate the growth of healthy hair.

treatment benefits

IV vitamin therapy for hair loss

With a boost of essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, an IV therapy treatment gives your hair all of the support it needs to thrive; stimulating new growth and ensuring that any new growth is supported with strong and healthy hair follicles.

In short, this is the treatment which gives your body a chance to redress its own natural ability to grow healthy and voluminous hair.

Because IV vitamin therapy injects the right level of vitamins and nutrients into your whole body, there is reason to believe that this treatment can also be effective in the face of beard hair loss, eyebrow hair loss, and other body hair loss. To discuss in more detail, please reach out to our team.

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Is IV vitamin therapy right for me?

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